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Kibra Market is a fair online trade store and garage sale trade store that provides a wide range of Kenyan handmade accessories embellished with sustainable glass beads.The must have souvenirs include: both men and women necklaces, flag bracelets,Maasai blankets, kitenge/Shuka, beaded sandals, wallets, handbags/baskets and Ready to wear wigs, Kitenge fashion clothes and more. We do allow customization of our products to match our customers expectation.VISIT OUR GARAGE SALE EVERY OTHER WEEKEND ON OR AFTER 15th EVERY MONTH @ 2604 van Buren dr Plano TX 

SATURDAY  11 am to 8pm

SUNDAY       3pm to 8pm


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Our Business Goals :

Our main objective is to provide the best deals for beautiful Kenyan made souvenirs Abroad. When we receive orders online shipping is done within 14 days.